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Orrin Judd: personal info and random thoughts

Orrin Judd is a coproprietor of the Brothers Judd


Orrin Corson Judd lives in Hanover, NH with his beloved wife Dr. Mrs. Brooke G. Judd, O. Griffin Judd (2/13/97) and blessed daughter, Avery Caroline (5/29/99).

Orrin "works" at Geographic Data Technology, Inc.   He graduated from Colgate University  in 1983
and Vermont Law School in 1991.

Besides being an avid reader, he is a big moviebuff, increasingly feeble golfer, baseball fanatic,
fantasy baseball enthusiast, Vast Right Wing Conspiricist, die-hard Conservative, political junkie, and
policy wonk.

Brooke is the lowest paid, quadruple board certified doctor in America.  She works in the Sleep Lab at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.  She is a much honored graduate of Wheaton College and Chicago Medical School where she finished first in her class, despite failing Anatomy.  She is a terrific cook.

Griffin does whatever the hell he wants to--with a focus on playing with cars & trucks, reading books, and watching Bob the Builder and Food Network.

Avery is much like her brother, only more stubborn.  She's actually started doing some girl stuff--chiefly playing with this frightening Barbie head doll and and developing that odd horse fetish they all come down with.

When Orrin grows up, he dreams of being Rondell White.

    -ESSAY : Broadcast Reform Revisited: Reverend Everett C. Parker and the "Standing" Case (Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ v. Federal Communications Commission) (Robert Horwitz  Professor, Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego --- published in The Communication Review, Vol. 2, No. 3 (1997), pp. 311-348)