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Lord of the Flies ()

World Magazine Top 100 of the Century

In the notes to the copy of the book that I read, Golding said that "The theme of the book is an attempt to trace the defects of Society back to the defects of human nature.  The moral is that the shape of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system however apparently logical or respectable."

This seems to me to be profoundly wrong.  Ethics and morality are a function of the political system that society's adopt, not vice versa. Golding would have done well to read Hobbes' Leviathan.  Hobbes makes the much more convincing case that for man in the state of Nature, life was "Nasty, brutish and short".  So man traded off a certain amount of autonomy to a central authority in exchange for protection from other men. Morality then flows from the political structures that men adopt.

Take an example on a smaller scale: the morality of informing.   In criminal enterprises the informer (rat, squealer, snitch) is immoral because the enterprise depends on secrecy--i.e., the Mafia , Revolutionary/Terrorist groups, crooked cops,  the Clinton White House--and anyone who parts the veil of secrecy is demonized, because informing endangers the entire structure.  In the normal run of life we are fairly conflicted about informing, we don't honor the informer (Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Whittaker Chambers, Frank Serpico, Linda Tripp) but we do seek to protect them from retalliation by their bosses via whistleblower laws.  While  in totalitarian societies informing against those who oppose the state (even if it's your parents) is a heroic act.  Golding would have us believe that these differences are the result of the innate ethical natures of the members of the societies.  In fact, it is the agreed upon structure of the societies that determines what behavior is accepted as ethical.


Grade: (C)


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