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Howards End ()

Modern Library Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century (38)

The epigraph to the novel states "Only connect..." and the story is about how folks from different strata of society seem unable to connect & seem especially unable to make the connection between the morality of their class & that of other classes.

That said, it is an excrutiating read.  The characters are universally unlikeable, the story drags along and the lesson--about folks not obeying the morality they insist on for others--is obvious & not terribly important.


Grade: (D)


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I totally disagree. I read Howards End for my A Level English Lit and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Though usually when studying books I find they drag on and I cant 'connect' with the text, with this one I did. Every lessson I looked forward to, and every chance we were given to analyse this text, was enjoyable. For a classic novel Ihave found for the first time, there is no density. At the same time as being heavily opinionated on Forster's behalf, it was a very easy read for a set text.


- Nov-04-2005, 04:20


- howard

- Sep-25-2003, 14:07