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Appointment in Samarra ()

Modern Library Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century (22)

At the end of every year, Brian Lamb talks to three authors on a special Booknotes on C-SPAN.  Last year one of the guests was Shelby Foote & he said that he was reading some great American authors who folks had sort of forgotten.  One of them was John O'Hara.  Now I've  seen dozens of his books at book sales, so I knew two things: one, he sold a ton of books; two, folks aren't reading them anymore.  So I picked up From the Terrace, Appointmentm in Samarra & a couple collections of the short stories & loved them all.  It was very heartening to see that he made this list. Appointment tells the story of Julian English, a WASP nervously perched atop the social heap in Gibbsville, PA.  At a Christmas party in 1930, he throws a drink in the face of the town's leading Catholic businessman and thus begins his downward spiral. O'Hara etches very sharp portraits of characters from the varying strata of society &  presents a vivid tale of an America & it's establishment shaken by the oncoming Depression and the rise of new Ethnic groups.


Grade: (A)


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