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Penance ()

Edgar Award Winner: Best First Novel (1996)

Holland Taylor, the likeable P.I. in this new series, is a former St. Paul, MN Homicide detective.  He quit the force after his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver.  Now that driver is out of
prison and when he's found dead, Taylor is a logical suspect.  Then when he sets out to clear his name
he uncovers an elaborate series of plots and counter plots, involving Minnesotta politics, police wrong doing, bookies & bettors, lesbians, etc.  It all gets to be a little much, but a first time novelist can surely be forgiven for pulling out all the stops; after all, who knows if there'll be a second book in which to use leftover plotlines.

The characterization of Taylor is a little uneven, as Housewright struggles with balancing hard-boiled conventions with totally unnecessary 90's political correctness, but I enjoyed the book, especially the unusual Twin Cities setting and I look forward to more from Mr. Housewright.


Grade: (B-)


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