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This is the first entry in a critically acclaimed new private eye series featuring Patrick Kenzie & Angie Gennaro.  The series is set in Boston & in this initial outing, Kenzie & Gennaro are hired by a couple politicos to find a black cleaning woman who supposedly stole some important state documents.  They find the cleaning woman but also end up in the middle of a street war between two black gangs.

The book is okay as modern PI novels go, but it also epitomizes the weaknesses that the genre has succumbed to, largely as a result of Robert Parker's Spenser series.  Kenzie spends page after page mewling about how painful his relationship with his Father was.  He loves Gennaro, who is an abused wife & nearly as annoying as Spenser's Susan Silverman.  And they, of course, have a friend who is a conscienceless killer, who does their dirty work for them.

One longs for the PI's of old; loners, whose only emotional ties were to the clients they tried to save & whose personal code of morals prevented them from taking the easy outs that characters like Hawk (Robert Parker) & Joe Pike (Robert Crais) provide.


Grade: (C)


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