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The Hunters ()

In this long out of print masterpiece, James Salter, himself an aviator in the Korean War, wrote one of the best books ever about warfare, especially aerial warfare, and what may well be the only great piece of fiction to emerge from the war.  (Can anyone else think of any?)  Moreover, his lean tough prose established him as one of the most important stylists of his generation--a reputation he subsequently embellished with works like Solo Faces.

The novel tells the story of Captain Cleve Connell and his 100 missions in Korea.  His goal, like that of nearly every other pilot, is to shoot down the 5 MIG's that will qualify him as an ace: In this war, he was more certain than ever, he would attain himself, as men do who venture past all that is known. This is the strange attraction of war, the opportunity it affords for men to test themselves at a pressure point that lies beyond anything they experience otherwise.  But as Cleve flies mission after mission, he seldom even meets the enemy and, more galling, he sees unworthy men become heroes when they put personal glory ahead of the safety of their fellow pilots.  Then in one brilliant moment, both his physical and moral courage are tested.

This is a terrific novel.  Thank goodness it was finally reissued.


Grade: (A)


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