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Waiting ()

National Book Award Winners (1999)

    Every summer Lin Kong returned to Goose Village to divorce his wife, Shuyu.

So begins Ha Jin's aptly named novel. ÝLin Kong is a country born doctor now practicing at an Army hospital in Muji City in Maoist China. ÝThere he has fallen in love with a nurse, Manna Wu, a modern urban woman. But his country wife, Shuyu, refuses to grant him a divorce, despite the lovelessness of their arranged marriage. ÝThe moral strictures of Communist society are sufficiently severe that Lin Kong and Manna Wu are forced to wait until Shuyu gives her okay, which she continues to withhold while her daughter by Lin Kong is growing up. ÝThus, the lovers are forced into a decades long holding pattern, until Lin Kong compares himself to a sleepwalker and wonders if he's not more in love with an illusion than with a real being.

Though this story is sometimes maddeningly slow, it is quite beautifully told, in very direct and stripped down language, and does develop a certain tension as we wait for Shuyu to set Lin Kong free. Along the way Ha Jin, who was himself a Red Army soldier, provides a fascinating cultural history of China in the 60s and 70s. ÝBut the real power of the story is allegorical. ÝLin Kong wants to shuck off the traditional China (Shuyu) and embrace the new, modern, Communist China (Manna). ÝBut as the process of attaining the new drags on, with no fulfillment in sight, he begins to question why he wanted Manna in the first place, wonders whether he even retains the capacity to love, or whether the continuous deferral of love and suspension of life has emotionally paralyzed him, and grows nostalgic for Shuyu and the more traditional China of the village he grew up in. Ý

One imagines this must somewhat parallel Ha Jin's own experience, and/or that of many people he knew in China. ÝAt any rate, he deftly takes one of the oldest of romantic plots--the dependable and decent spouse abandoned for the sexier, but ultimately illusory, lover--and imposes the story of Communist China upon it.  It works quite well and makes up for the at times too stately pace of the story-telling.


Grade: (A-)


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