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Pop. 1280 ()

Nick Corey, High Sheriff of Potts County, just wants to be left alone.  But local pimps, fellow sheriffs, ornery townspeople & a shrieking harridan of a wife & her idiot brother all refuse to leave him be.

Everyone feels that they can get away with harassing him because Nick's a little slow & pretty easy going.  Or, at least, he seems to be.  In reality, he's psychotic, deliciously so and folks are soon reaping the whirlwind.

This is a very funny book.  As always, Thompson writes a terrific kind of bare knuckle prose & is especially good with dialogue.  But the real fun is watching as Corey wreaks his vengeance.  A hoot.


Grade: (A-)


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Thompson wrote the screenplay for two of Stanley Kubrick's greatest movies:
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(1956--directed by Stanley Kubrick--based on the novel Clean Break by Lionel
White--starring:  Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Vince Edwards, Elisha Cook, Marie Windsor)

    -Paths of Glory
(1957-directed by Stanley Kubrick--based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb--
starring: Kirk Douglas, Adolph Menjou, Ralph Meeker, George MacReady,
Wayne Morris, Richard Anderson, Timothy Carey)