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John Sandford isn't the best writer around & he's not the greatest plotter around.  But he's one of the most interesting mystery writers around because his stories take place at the intersection between the police & the news media. Half the fun of his Lucas Davenport series lies in watching Davenport use leaks to manipulate the media to his own ends.

In this new series, Sandford gives us a sort of guerilla news crew.  They roam the streets of LA at night & catch incidents on video tape, then sell them to the Networks.  One night they film an animal liberationist raid on a lab and a drug addled youth jumping from a ledge.  In short order someone starts attacking & killing members of the video crew.  Is it connected to one of the videos they shot?  connected to both?

Sandford moves the story along briskly & he's created several likable characters who seem certain to pop up in future books.


Grade: (C+)


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