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Guest review from Andrew Geller:
This is an exquisite whodunit, drawing the reader into worlds only liberal arts professors dare dream about to solve  some fairly bloodless murders.  Perez-Reverte deftly interweaves the worlds of art and medieval history, chess, and music to solve the crimes, providing the necessary background and even pictures to aid the novice in any of these fields.   If one doesn't know art, chess, or Bach, this book will inspire deeper delving into all three.  If one knows any or all of these,  the book reads even better.


Orrin says:

I wholeheartedly agree.  Zack just finished Perez-Reverte'sThe Club Dumas  & sent it to me & demanded The Flanders Panel in return.

The book is as erudite as anything Umberto Eco has ever done, but is much easier to read.  The mystery centers  around a medieval painting (the panel) which depicts a chess game between a duke and a knight, but the position on the chessboard does not make sense. Moreover, there's a hidden inscription on the painting that asks "Who killed the knight?"

When the young art restorer heroine discovers that the knight in the painting was actually murdered, she gets drawn into a murderous mysytery that is great fun.


Grade: (B+)


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