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Donald Goines' books are brutal depictions of drug abusers, racist & corrupt cops, lethal gangsters & newly politicized blacks trying to fight these scourges.  Goines, himself, lived a life like a character in one of his 17 books.  He began writing in prison after someone turned him on to the works of Iceberg Slim & was hailed as one of the successors to Chester Himes.  After his release, he rattled off as many as 8 novels a year.  Then he was gunned down at his typewriter while working on his final book, Kenyatta's Last Hit.

This is the first in the  Kenyatta series, and it picks up where Sam Greenlee's The Spook Who Sat by the Door left off.  Billy Good and Jackie Walker are two small-time hoods on the streets of Detroit, but they hit the big-time when they meet up with Kenyatta, a black nationalist ghetto lord.  Kenyatta and his gang have started taking back the streets by killing drug pushers & white cops.  As he tells Billy and Jackie: "Kill the honkie.  That's our rally cry.  Death to Whitey."  Then thing get wild…


Grade: (C+)


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