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Black Dahlia ()

The first classic detective stories--Sherlock Holmes, Wilkie Collins, etc.--were based on the premise that crime and evil-doing would yield to the rigorous application of reason.  The great police procedurals (Adam Dalgleish, the 87th Precinct, etc.) assume that professional technique and relentless work will solve the crime.  No matter how noir the private eye novel, there is an implicit message that, though evil lurks just beneath the veneer of even the wealthiest family, and though the police and the crooks may both try to stop him, there exists a special breed of modern knights errant who will sally forth and do battle when we truly need them.  Then there are the mysteries of James Ellroy, in which the evil has started to ooze out into public view, where the cops have been so desensitized by their contact with that evil that they are often as brutal as the criminals, and where crimes are not necessarily ever solved.

Ellroy's vision is so bleak, and his stories are so unsettling, that it's sometimes a relief just to finish reading one, to get out from under his oppressive obsessions with violence and crime and corruption. Black Dahlia is a particularly personal work, with the famous unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 standing in for the tragic murder of Ellroy's own mother in 1958.  Similarly, the cop, Bucky Bleichert, who is consumed by the case and descends into madness, eerily parallels Ellroy himself (who has written about his own tortured fascination with his mother's slaying in My Dark Places).  Where we tend to read mysteries because we like to solve puzzles ands want the reassurance that good triumphs over evil, Ellroy offers us instead unsolvable crime and the unsettling sensation that evil may well triumph and that the good guys may be as dangerous as the bad guys.  His books aren't for the squeamish--they are just too disturbing--but they are terrific if you can take it and Black Dahlia is a good one to start with.


Grade: (A-)


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