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Cover Story ()

Robert Cullen's previous book The Killer Department was a terrific true examination of the difficulty of tracking down a serial killer in a Soviet Union which denied the possibility that Communist Society could produce such a being.

His novel Cover Story is several years old and appears to be out of print, which is a shame because it couldn't be any more topical.  A veteran magazine journalist is covering a Middle East Peace mediation in Moscow that is being hosted by Gorbachev and Jimmy Carter. He begins investigating the rumor that Syria has obtained nuclear weapons and soon stumbles into an attempt to use Arab fronts to hire Russian nuclear physicists for Haffez Assad's bomb program.  All the while his efforts are shadowed by an Israeli teacher who seems to be working for the Mossad and a neophyte Russian journalist who seems to be working for Russian intelligence.

With the vivid depiction of a crumbling Russia, Middle East peace talks and renegade nuclear programs, the plot could be taken from today's headlines. Cullen drops in a couple twists & hastens the action along to a satisfying conclusion


Grade: (B+)


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