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Corelli's Mandolin ()

Vintage Books List of the Best Reading Group Books (14)

The general praise for this novel and the encomiums from friends suggest that perhaps my own negative reaction should be greeted with even greater skepticism than the usual dyspeptic bromide found here.  But the seemingly interminable book requires the reader, once again, to surrender to the belief that peasants were happier than are we and had some special wisdom that we have lost as we've distanced ourselves from nature and the earth.  De Bernieres himself sort of makes fun of this viewpoint when, after the War, a Canadian poet comes to the Greek isle of Cephalonia :

    He was the first in the new vanguard of Western romantic intellectuals with Byronic aspirations, and
    he was looking for a simple house amongst simple people of the earth where he could get to grips
    with the truly gritty realities of life.

Pokes fun, but this seems to be the entire point of the book.  All of the islanders are achingly precious, their lives idyllic, their society charming, but then war comes, well actually, its not even the war, they're still fine when it's just the equally cute Italians, but then the Nazis come, and this wonderful culture is destroyed.

Here's my question though : everyone's always nattering on about how wonderful the lives of agrarian and aboriginal peoples were, how in tune with nature, at one with the land; so how come no one ever wants to be a peasant when they grow up, most especially the peasants themselves ?


Grade: (C)


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