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Personal History ()

Pulitzer Prize (Biography) (1998)

I'll have to take the word of nearly every pundit in America that Katharine Graham was one terrific gal, but I remain mystified as to what she actually achieved.  In this interminable book, we are submitted to every tremor of inadequacy she ever felt, as she bathes in self-indulgent recollection.  But what else is there once you get past the feelings, the many, many, feelings :

(1) She was born rich.

(2) Her husband went nuts, got himself a girlfriend and tried taking the Post away.  In the midst of this struggle, he was released from an asylum, went with her to their vacation home, and was carted out in a body bag.  She got the Post.

(3) She and the Post were in bed, either figuratively or--she at least hints--literally, with Adlai Stevenson, JFK, and LBJ.

(4) As a result, they gave the personal misdeeds of Democrat presidents a wink and a nod and supported Vietnam through the 60s.  Then Nixon got elected and they published the Pentagon Papers and jumped on Watergate like a wolf on a lamb chop.

(5) They then skated on their new reputation for the next thirty years as the upstart Washington Times, which is owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for God's sake, scooped them left an right.

(6) Meanwhile, and I'm particularly perplexed by why this doesn't bother more people, the Post supported Marion Barry as he drove Washington, DC into the ground, presumably because their reflexive liberalism made it impossible to criticize a black mayor.

(7) There is one area where Graham and the Post did depart from the doctrinaire liberal line, and that was on unions.  Of course, there was nothing noble about this; she just had to break the power of her own unionized employees in order to improve her company's bottom line.

Maybe I'm just being willfully obscure--heck, that's almost certainly the case--but she appears to have been an amiable party hack who had her mediocre career handed to her on a silver platter.  I realize that's the kind of charge that Democrats normally level against the Bushes, but at least George Bush and George W. had to run for office once in awhile.  What did Katharine Graham ever do?  Her mystique eludes me.


Grade: (C-)


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