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The Master Puppeteer ()

National Book Award: Children's Literature (1977)

In 18th Century Japan, the city of Osaka is wracked by starvation.  Young Jiro tries to help his father to make puppets for the local theater, but is so clumsy he's more a hindrance than a help, which his shrieking harridan of a mother is only too willing to point out.  When one day he accompanies his father to the theater, sees how much food they have, and is complimented by the owner, Jiro decides to ask for work there.  He is taken on, but Yoshida, the Master Puppeteer, proves to be an exacting taskmaster.  He is particularly hard on his own son, Kinshi, who warns Jiro :

    We all learn here by the honorable path of horrible mistakes.

But learn they do, and eventually Jiro learns that there's a mysterious connection between the theater and Saburo, the Robin Hood-like thief, who is stealing rice from city officials and rich merchants, to give to the poor.

The excitement in this book, and it's considerable, comes from the mounting political tensions gripping the city.  But the real fascination comes from the detailed world of the theater that Paterson presents.  Ms Paterson is one of the most decorated author's of children's books--this one won a National Book Award--and it's easy to see why.  The Master Puppeteer is both fun and informative.


Grade: (B+)


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