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Chuck gave me this one a while ago & finally convinced me to read it.  I have to
admit I wasn't anxious for another Arthurian series.  However, Cornwell has
tried to demythologize the story & return it to somewhat historical roots &, in
so doing, has made it his own.

Camelot is the Kingdom of Dumnonia. Arthur is Uther's unacknowledged bastard
son.  Merlin is fighting a rearguard battle against Christianity.  Modred, heir
to Uther's throne, is Arthur's infant nephew & Arthur is his sworn protector.
Guinevere is a manipulative wench & triggers the action in the book when Arthur
breaks a betrothal to elope with her.  It all makes for a thrilling read.

I do have one major problem with the book.  The reason that the Arthur myth is
so central to Western literature is because it is a Christian myth.  But
Cornwell takes a pretty antagonistic stance against Christianity.  At the same
time, the Arthur he portrays has the qualities of a Christian knight; for
instance, he views the job of a soldier as fighting for those who can't fight
for themselves.  This attempt to make Arthur a figure worthy of myth, but
without the Christian trappings, seems fundamentally dishonest to me.


Grade: (B)


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