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With the notable exception of the Anglo-American versions, most  revolutions are premised on the belief that the existing structure of society has been artificially imposed and that by altering that structure you can remake human beings and human nature in a new image.  So the French Revolution required that the monarchy and the aristocracy be discarded and expected that egalitarianism and brotherhood would follow, as day follows night; meanwhile, Marxist Revolutions suppose that once capitalism and capitalists are done away with, the happy workers of the world will share and share alike.  Of course, history has shown these revolutionary ideals to be absolutely ludicrous, and such revolutions have come a cropper when the ugly but immutable facts of human nature  have come roaring back with a vengeance.  This creates a rather hilarious situation whereby revolutionaries are continually being surprised by manifestations of the very characteristics which mankind has understood itself to have since time immemorial--greed, lust,selfishness, etc..  Barbara Ehrenreich is not only a socialist, but a radical feminist, which means that besides that Marxist vision, she also believes that once the patriarchy is overthrown, men and women will be coequal and will live in blessed harmony.  This book then is based on her supposedly controversial discovery that the disintegration of the nuclear family, which has generally been blamed on feminism, owes just as much to the political desires of men.  Duh?

Just step back for a second and think about Women's Liberation has meant for men.  Basically, women have had to take on more economic responsibilities and more child-rearing responsibilities, while at the same time their mortality rates have begun to more closely match men's and, thanks to abortion of female children and these worsening health rates, their absolute numbers have begun to decline back towards those of men, or even below.  In exchange, men have gotten to slough off economic responsibility for women and children, have been able to get out of child rearing responsibilities, and have gotten much freer access to intercourse with females.  How can Ehrenreich possibly be surprised that men were willing participants in this process ?


Grade: (D)


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