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In this collection of three of his New Yorker pieces, McPhee offers a unique
perspective on the clash between hard-core environmentalism & the forces of
development. He describes encounters between David Bower, executive director of
the Sierra Club & then founder of Friends of the Earth, and:

(1) Charles Park, a mineral engineer, looking for copper in Glacier Peak
Wilderness in the Cascades. Park believes that, "Minerals are where you find
them. The quantities are finite." So you go & get them wherever they are
located. McPhee goes with them as they hike through the mountains.

(2) Charles Fraser, developer of Hilton Head Island's Sea Pines Plantation, who
has obtained 3000 acres on undeveloped Cumberland Island. Fraser has bent over
backwards in previous developments to preserve as much of the original landscape
as he could, but he considers all environmentalists to be "druids" who will
sacrifice people to save trees.

& (3) Floyd Dominy, United States Commissioner of Reclamation and devoted dam
builder. McPhee brings them together to walk the Glen Canyon Dam. As McPhee
says, dams cause a visceral reaction among environmentalists because,
"Humiliating nature, a dam is evil..." .

By bringing these men of starkly different viewpoint together & letting them
speak for themselves, McPhee presents us with a dialogue that is pretty
balanced. It is a significant contribution to our understanding of how the two
sides in the preservation vs. development debate came to be so absolutist. As
Brower says at one point: "Objectivity is the greatest threat to the United
States today." But one finishes the book wondering if making totally subjective
judgments and arguments has really helped the environment or cause of environmentalism.


Grade: (B+)


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