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Of Mice and Men ()

Nobel Prize Winners (1962)

This wonderful novella tells the ineffably sad tale of two itinerant farm laborers in Depression California.  George Milton is a small wiry man, his traveling companion, Lennie Small, is a giant, but a simpleton.  The two travel from farm to farm, one step ahead of trouble as Lennie's incredible strength and feeble brain continually land them in trouble.  Other farm hands are struck by the rarity of finding such men traveling as partners, but Lennie and George have a dream, a dream of a better life.  As soon as they can raise $600 they can buy a farm and be their own bosses and Lennie will get to raise the rabbits that he loves, but has a tendency to accidentally crush.  Unfortunately, trouble awaits at the farm where they are headed.  The ranch owner's son, Curley, can't control his new bride who has "the eye" or his own temper which flares up whenever she starts flirting with the hired hands.

This is one of those books you had to read in 9th grade, largely because it was by a famous author and it's short enough that teachers figure students might actually finish it.  If you haven't read it since, give it another try.  The relationship between George and Lennie is one of the most beautiful, and oft imitated, in all of literature and the themes of love, friendship, loyalty, courage and the dream of a better life are both timeless and compelling.


Grade: (A+)


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