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For more than thirty years Garland Bunting has been engaged in capturing and prosecuting men and women in North Carolina who make and sell liquor illegally. To do this he has driven taxis, delivered sermons, peddled ?sh, buck danced, worked carnivals as a barker, operated bulldozers, loaded carriages and hauled logs at sawmills, feigned drunkenness, and pretended to be an idiot. In the minds of many people he is the most successful revenue agent in the history of a state that has always been enormously productive of moonshine.
…and we’re off. Maybe it’s because I’d just listened to Henry James’s stilted and artificial language–in Turn of the Screw–spoken by uniformly unlikeable characters, that this profile was such a delicious palette cleanser. Somehow I’d missed Alec Wilkinson in my readings of the great New Yorker essayists, like Joseph Mitchell, Berton Roueche, E. B. White, etc. But when Padgett Powell refers to him as “one of two literary grandsons of Joseph Mitchell” (the other being Ian Frazier in her estimation) she hits the nail right on the head. Like Mitchell, he uses straightforward declarative language to profile a colorful character and lets that subject speak for himself in beguiling turns of phrase and monologues. It’s enchanting

The book, of course, began as a piece in the New Yorker, but here Wilkinson gets to add background meat to the bones, including extensive background on moonshining, coon hunting, and the like. And, as with Mitchell, the key is that we so enjoy spending time with Bunting–as the author clearly did–that the story is free to meander, yet still thoroughly entertains.


Grade: (A-)


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