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Cathedral ()

There's something extraordinary about this story because it's apparently at least party autobiographical and the narrator (Carver?) is so unlikable. His wife (second wife) had been a caretaker for an older blind man and, at her insistence, he is coming to visit them. This triggers extended whingeing about how jealous the husband is, not just of the blind man but of any man who had been with the wife. Worse, he is repelled by even the idea of the man's handicap. He is unable to sympathize at all with the man's blindness. Then, when the wife goes upstairs to change after dinner, the husband coaxes the blind man into getting high with him. Strike three.

But then--and you should read the story if you don't want spoilers--events take a remarkable turn. The two men are watching a PBS program about cathedrals and our host realizes the blind man may have no idea what a cathedral looks like. he tries explaining, but words fail him. Then the blind man tells him to get a piece of heavy paper and a pen to draw a cathedral. He places his hand on the husband's and the two begin to draw while the wife dozes.
I took up the pen again, and he found my hand. I kept at it. I’m no artist. But I kept drawing just the same.

My wife opened up her eyes and gazed at us. She sat up on the sofa, her robe hanging open. She said, ‘What are you doing? Tell me, I want to know.’

I didn’t answer her.

The blind man said, ‘We’re drawing a cathedral. Me and him are working on it. Press hard,’ he said to me. ‘That’s right. That’s good,’ he said. ‘Sure. You got it, bub. I can tell. You didn’t think you could. But you can, can’t you? You’re cooking with gas now. You know what I’m saying? We’re going to really have us something here in a minute. How’s the old arm?’ he said. ‘Put some people in there now. What’s a cathedral without people?’

My wife said, ‘What’s going on? Robert, what are you doing? What’s going on?

‘It’s all right,’ he said to her. ‘Close your eyes now,’ the blind man said to me.

I did it. I closed them just like he said.

‘Are they closed?’ he said. ‘Don’t fudge.’

‘They’re closed,’ I said.

‘Keep them that way,’ he said. He said, ‘Don’t stop now. Draw.’

So we kept on with it. His fingers rode my fingers as my hand went over the paper. It was like nothing else in my life up to now.

Then he said, ‘I think that’s it. I think you got it,’ he said. ‘Take a look. What do you think?’

But I had my eyes closed. I thought I’d keep them that way for a little longer. I thought it something I ought to do.

‘Well?’ he said. ‘Are you looking?’

My eyes were still closed. I was in my house. I knew that. But I didn’t feel like I was inside anything.

‘It’s really something,’ I said.
Carver ends the story there. We know something has changed for the husband, but he doesn't get tangled up trying to describe it with any precision. One would not want to bet on it, but there's at least the possibility that this epiphany could start him on the road to becoming a better man. At any rate, the cretin of the early pages is partially redeemed.


Grade: (A)


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