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Dan Rattelle is a poet of rural New England, so comparisons to Robert Frost are inevitable, if obviously not fair. Thanks to the interwebs, you can find a significant portion of his work on-line and Wiseblood books has just published an inexpensive collection, Painting Over the Growth Chart: Poems that is getting good reviews. There are even a couple podcasts you can check out. I particularly enjoyed the poem, Sugar Shack, that he reads and discusses here. I couldn’t find an etext for that one, but this one is perhaps not too dissimilar:
The Footbridge (Dan Rattelle, Winter 2021, Modern Age)

Disused. Obsolete.
I’m sure. Quite so.
But still, how sad: this too, this human feat,
Must go.

No more will footfall sound
Along the planks.
The iron rusted red like clay around
The banks.

The brook will ever wend
To sea, to sea!
As if to say that yes, it too will end
As we.
The theme of both of these poems is the passing of a way of life in our region and the near disappearance of the infrastructure that sustained that life. But note that it is only near. One of the enduring wonders of New England is our astonishing complex of stone walls. And these are not like the Great Wall of China or Hadrian’s Wall, standing out visibly in open country. No, you often find our stone walls when you’re wandering in dense woods. And where Shelley’s Ozymandias invites us to scoff at the pretensions of a once great man, these walls invoke our awe at the ancestors who not only plowed up all the stones required for their building but cleared such forests so they could farm the land. The combination of achievement and humility seizes one first, then the sadness that, whatever the benefits of modernity, their works slid back into literal obscurity.

Please don’t let me scare you into thinking Mr. Rattelle’s work is purely elegaic/nostalgic. There’s plenty of fun to be had, from an ode to cider to a sort of love song to a manic pixie girl. Take advantage of the links below and check him out yourself.


Grade: (A+)


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