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I read Robert Spencer's, Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins, few years ago and enjoyed it, but felt he maybe overstated his case, when it would have been sufficient to show how little we can know for sure about Muhammad's life and Islam's origins. Ms Hazelton's biography has somewhat the opposite problem, presenting an extremely thorough life and times, including novelistic touches like ascribing facial expressions and personal feelings to the Prophet. She draws heavily upon early, though, conspicuously not contemporary, Muslim biographies for the events she relates. And we need not disbelieve in the existence of Muhammad to be dubious about these stories. So what is presented as dispassionate fact-gathering really begins with an act of faith, no matter that the author calls herself an agnostic.

These reservations aside, she has produced a very readable official version for Western readers. And her background in psychiatry and as a reporter on the Middle East allows her to make some informed speculations about her subject. In particular, her discussion of what it might have been like for an orphaned boy to receive revelations from God and then rise to great political power is compelling, even if we can't know it to be true. This ought not be the only book you read on Muhammad and early Islam, but it does offer an interesting perspective.


Grade: (B-)


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The modern biographies tended to be pious, devotional biographies, which are a complete turn-off for non-Muslims. Those for general audiences seemed merely dutiful, plodding through all the main events of his life without asking questions, without delving, trying to figure out who this man was. I grew frustrated; I wanted a feel for the man himself, not the two-dimensional legend. The more I learned about the three-dimensional man, the more he was weighed down by the sheer accumulation of fact and detail. Nobody had really looked and said: “What was really going on here? Let’s enter into this experience. Let’s figure out how it felt.” Not just what happened, but why. The main duty of a biography is not simply to trot dutifully through the facts of someone’s life, but to enter that life, make it come alive, make your subject real again.

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