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Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire series got a big lift from Robert Taylor's charismatic turn in the TV series. At this point there's even an annual event called Longmire Days in Buffalo, WY. The books, which owe something of a debt to Tony Hillerman, deserve the attention. The series opened after the Absaroka County Sheriff had lost his wife of 25 years to cancer, so he's deservedly morose. But by now we're in the fourth book in the series and Walt is still haunted by the dead. He takes every death in his county personally and, as flashbacks reveal here, a series of deaths he experienced in Vietnam in both combat and in a drug dealing case when he was a young Marine investigator. That past seems to have come home to roost when a Vietnamese girl is found murdered on a roadside with a picture of Walt in her purse.

Walt and his old friend Henry Standing Bear, who also served in 'Nam, don't really believe that the only suspect, a giant Crow named Virgil White Buffalo, is guilty of the crime and Walt is increasingly certain the answer to the mystery lies in his past. At one point they are driving along and Walt goes silent:
I drove and stared at another patch of the highway where more lives had come to an abrupt halt. I remembered who they were, their names, their family, their friends; these dead weren't the ones I was worried about--there were people who would remember them. It was the ones who had died truly alone who concerned me most. If no one remembered them, were they ever really here? I took a deep breath and forced my eyes back to the road. "Ruby says I care about dead people more than the living."

Henry said nothing.
This moral seriousness and shouldering responsibility for the victims, so reminiscent of Harry Bosch, is part of what makes Walt so compelling. But he's not being fair to himself. He takes doting care of his daughter and is sensitive to the needs of his team and even of the local citizenry. Spending time in Absaroka isn't exactly comforting--there are, after all, an unusual number of murders--but the characters are immensely likable and the author has mastered the art of the police procedural, in this unusual setting, rendering something like a hard-boiled Western.


Grade: (A)


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