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Skinwalkers ()

Tony Hillerman's Navajo police procedurals are so reliable that I've never hesitated to add them to my bookshelf, but have then parcelled them out over the years when I want a guaranteed good read. Skinwalkers, which Robert Redford and PBS turned into a disappointing entry in the Mystery franchise, features the first meeting of his two heroes: the older, more hard-boiled, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and the idealist and more religious Jim Chee. The novel opens with a literal bang as someone fires a shotgun into Chee's trailer, narrowly missing him thanks to warning from the feral cat he's semi-adopted. Leaphorn harbors immediate suspicions because cops who are subject to vendettas tend to be corrupt. Be he gradually realizes that the attack may tie into a series of murders that have been bothering him--points on a reservation map that he can't quite connect.

The skinwalkers of the title are those who use "medicine" for evil purposes, whereas Chee is learning to be a yataalii medicine man and perform cleansing rituals like the Blessing Way. This has brought him into conflict with an Anglo doctor who runs a medical clinic on the reservation, but whose methods include using bogus forms of Navajo medicine. If it perhaps takes Chee and Leaphorn to put the pieces together here, the procedural mechanics are first rate and, as always, the unique setting and the culture the tale is immersed in make for a first-rate adventure.


Grade: (A-)


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