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Witi Ihimaera was one of the first Maori novelists and achieved world-wide fame when this novella was adapted into a prize-winning film. Fittingly, it draws upon a Maori myth that he reworked for his daughters when they complained that boys were always the heroes of their stories.

The original whale rider, introduced in a nearly parenthetical opening, was the spear-carrying Kahutia Te Rangi, who a great whale delivered from Hawaii to the East coast of New Zealand where he founded his tribe in the town of Whangara. Before landing, he hurled one spear ashore, which in time would save his people.

As the modern story begins, a grandchild is being born to the son-less chief of the village, Koro Apirana, but he is crushed when he finds out the child is a girl. He repeatedly rejects Kahu as she grows up, no matter how much she loves him and how thoroughly she embraces the customs of the tribe. Even the interventions of his iron-willed and acid-tongued wife, Granny Flowers, can not move him, despite an impending crisis that may doom his people. Well, you know where that's headed, but we need not spoil it here. The story is carried by Kahu's charming precociousness and Granny's rants until we get to the mythic action of the climax.

The other story that unfolds alongside is less compelling, though perhaps an understandable feature of the novel. The narrator, Kahu's young uncle Rawiri, leaves the village for Australia and then Papua New Guinea, where he finds it easier to make a living, enjoys modern comforts and befriends a white roommate. But eventually he discovers that even this friend and his family view him with some racial disdain, so he returns to Whangara.

Rawiri is simply less interesting than Kahu and Granny, so this plotline only serves to distract us from the core story. But that core is delightful and makes the book a joy.


Grade: (B)


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