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Written in the spirit of the comic classic Three Men in a Boat, but specifically a parody of H.W. Tilman's Ascent of Nanda Devi, this delightful novel was once a cult artifact for climbers. But republication, and an introduction by best-selling writer Bill Bryson, has helped it find a deserved new audience.

Sir Hugeley Havering and The Rum Doodle Committee assemble a team to assault the Rum Doodle peak, which measures 40,000 and a half feet. the tale is told by the bachelor leader of the expedition, Binder, who is oddly obsessed with the marital status of his fellow climbers. They include Jungle, the guide who is continually lost; Constant, the linguist who is constantly creating confusion and even riots by miscommunicating with the natives; Prone, the doctor who contracts every imaginable disease, as well as a few unimaginable; and Pong, the cook whose cooking drives the team forward by means of their desire to escape the food he prepares.

In Binder's telling his compatriots are all stoic and heroic, even though we read between the lines that they are mainly interested in consuming the massive supply of champagne that they carry with them. Even when he does acknowledge difficulties, Binder dismisses them with the refrain: "To climb Mont Blanc is one thing; to climb Rum Doodle is, as Totter once said, quite another."

Though a short novel it may still be a tad overlong, as the jokes do repeat themselves. But it is extremely funny and richly deserved rediscovery.


Grade: (B+)


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