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It's a curious thing to realize about oneself, but the slacker philosopher Gavin Pretor-Pinney has probably influenced my life as much as anyone since I achieved adulthood. The Wife and I watch absurd amounts of British tv and in 2010 we enjoyed Mr. Pretor-Pinneys BBC special, Cloudspotting. It's a loving and humorous ode to clouds and an encouragement to viewers to share the passion. We liked it so much we made the kids watch too, which made them worry about how their parents used their leisure time. For my 50th birthday they all made me a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society [member number 28482] and since the beginning of 2012 I've taken and posted at least one cloud picture nearly every day at Cloudspotting03755. Some folks stop and smell the roses; I pause each day to ponder and celebrate the clouds overhead, an unusual but effective and inexpensive form of mindfulness. Friends and family send along their pictures too, making me something of an apostle to the founder's Evangelist.

Some years before he made the program, Mr. Pretor-Pinney wrote this indispensable guide to the clouds. Besides being richly illustrated and offering clear descriptions of the different types, it includes discussion of the science, cultural import and human value of clouds. You should really watch the show, and, if it catches your fancy, try this lecture, Cloudspotting for Beginners. Then you'll want this charming guide to aid in your pursuit of the fascinating and beautiful world of cloudspotting.


Grade: (A+)


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