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The Godfather ()

"Behind every great fortune there is a crime." -Honoré de Balzac

I just recently started listening to The Ringer's Rewatchable podcast on my dog walks and have been catching up on the back catalogue. There is probably no more rewatched movie ever than The Godfather and the episode on this film and the one on Godfather II are predictably great. The Daughter was home for Christmas break and had never seen either, so we watched The Godfather the other night. Then I, serendipitously found a hardcover copy of the novel at the Thrift Store> I'd not read it in 30 years and the podcasters had mentioned the differences between novel and films so I gave it a reread.

Fifty years after Mario Puzo hit it big with this mega-bestseller, it's easy to forget that the reviews were quite mixed at the time. And the reverence for the films has served to shade the book ever since. All of the critics are quite right that the Johnny Fontaine plot, which is central to the novel, serves no good purpose. The movie, which limits him to a Sinatra-ish cameo, makes a wise choice. And the removal altogether of his sidekick, Nino Valenti, works even better. Likewise, we learn far more about Sonny's love life and the sex organs of both him and his mistress than anyone needed to know.

On the other hand, a surprising number of the best cinematic touches come directly from the novel. The beheading of Khartoum is an obvious instance, but Michael noticing that his hand does not tremble when lighting a cigarette during the hospital assassination attempt and the roaring in his head when he's about to murder Sollazzo and Captain McCluskey translate directly from book to screen. Puzo wrote the screenplay, so the inclusions are unsurprising, but their effectiveness on screen is a tribute to him and Francis Ford Coppola.

Essentially, Puzo penned a potboiler and then Coppola recast it as a Shakespearean tragedy. The latter demands to be taken seriously, while the former demands to be read quickly, preferably at the beach or on a plane. [Though, in a delicious twist of fate, the copy I just bought is from something called the Classics of Modern Literature Series.] Little wonder that critics elevate the film and denigrate the book.

But it strikes me that this swings the pendulum too far. Nevermind that the two "heroes" of the tale--Vito and Michael--are mass murderous gangsters, the rendering of the story on screen are ponderous. The amber lighting, the shadows, the pace, the score, the entire tone are so serious and pretentious that they verge on parody. Indeed, try a simple thought experiment: would the film be just as good as a comedy, if you added a laughtrack? I contend that it would. And if there is always a fine line between comedy and tragedy, it's rarely quite that fine.

In the end, I think we slight Puzo's achievement as a writer. While he often lamented that he would have written a more literary novel if he hadn't quite consciously been trying to produce a money-maker, we ought not underestimate the skill involved in crafting a text that 20 to 30 million people read, many in just a sitting or two. The book has its flaws, but does not deserve to be dismissed.


Grade: (B+)


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