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A History major at Colgate University, my particular period of interest was the English Civil War, so I've read more books about the era than I care to recall. But the two best I've read are recent texts : The English Civil War: A People's History by Diane Purkiss and this one, improbably enough, written by Princess Diana's brother. Charles Spencer takes as his particular focus the process by which the rebels tried and executed King Charles I and then that by which his son, Charles II, proceeded to exact his revenge on the men responsible when he was restored to the throne. It has been noted that this second half of the book plays out like the sequence in the Godfather films, where Michael Corleone takes out all his enemies. It's interesting in a Tarantino-esque sort of way. But I was far more impressed by the first half, where the author provides real insight into why a revolution that was otherwise rather gentlemanly, in the way only Anglospheric revolutions tend to be, surprisingly led to the execution of the monarch.

The dynamic that Mr. Spencer captures, uniquely from my reading, is the real sense of outrage on the part of the revolutionaries that Charles's stubborness had led to so much killing amongst their friends, compatriot and countrymen. The sense he conveys is that Charles ultimately had to pay not so much for any of his earlier misdeeds so much as to pay the butcher's bill from the war they precipitated.

This feat of analysis alone would make the book worth reading, nevermind the exciting revenge melodrama that follows the restoration. But there's another element here that recommends the book. in setting the scene for the execution and its aftermath, Mr. Spencer provides one of the clearest and most coherent narratives you'll ever find of the Revolution as a whole. I'd have done better on a couple finals if I'd had this book 35 years ago.


Grade: (A+)


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