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“I cannot abide stupid Giant fans. Thank goodness there are so few.”
Arnold Hano, A Day in the Bleachers

Arnold Hano was a writer and Giants fan who, for one day at least, enjoyed exquisite timing. On September 29, 1954, he decided to head to the Polo Grounds and see if he could score a general admission seat for the first game of the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. The initial tension in the book comes from his worries that they'll sell out before reaching his place in the queue, the final when pinch-hitter Dusty Rhodes hit his famous walk-off homerun off of Bob Lemon in the 10th inning. In between, of course, came The Catch; the archetypal Willie Mays play when he raced to the distant centerfield wall to haul in a drive by Vic Wertz, then spun and fired to second, preserving a 2-2 tie in the 8th.

By the time one of the most memorable moments in all of sports occurred, Mr. Hano had already filled his scorecard and the margins of that day's NY Times with notes about the proceedings. He turned them into what has managed to become one of best-loved and least-remembered of baseball books. It appears often on "best of" lists yet is also often out of print. If you can find a copy--I got mine on the great should grab it. The author is a hilariously cranky bleacher bum, exchanging comments, questions and insults with the rest of the surrounding crowd and he has a wonderfully opinionated take baseball generally and the players and plays in the game in particular, combined with an encyclopedic memory of games, plays and players past.

Many baseball fans will have read Daniel Okrent's classic, Nine Innings, which resembles Mr. Hano's book. But where the former takes a single game as a jumping off point to explore the backgrounds of the participants, the latter is very much focused on the doings of this one game and of the way it was experienced in the bleachers. It's hard to imagine such "bums" even being able to afford tickets to a modern World Series game, nevermind managing to obtain them.

It also occurs to me that Don DeLillo must have used this book as the model for his opening section of Underworld--the only outstanding portion of the book. But it pales in comparison to Mr. Hano's extended account of the game that will forever be known for The Catch.


Grade: (A+)


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