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The strength of Joyce Tyldesley's definitive biography of Cleopatra is also the source of its one weakness. In separating out what we can know with some certainty from the myths and legends that have been handed down about one of the most famous women in history, the author winnows out so much that she eventually has to fill out the book with much discourse about the sociology and general history of Egypt. And while that discussion is interesting enough, it does make for a loss of focus. While the book is brief--217 pages--it could really be cut almost in half, to the length of one of those Penguin Lives that have come out in recent years.

That said, Ms Tyldesley's command of the original sources is awesome and her fair-handedness in treating the stories that surround Cleopatra is a model for historians. While she more or less demolishes such notions as Cleopatra being black, rolling out of a carpet the first time she met Caesar, committing suicide by asp, etc., she marshals the facts so relentlessly that it is nigh impossible to quarrel with her conclusions.

Perhaps most importantly, as befits a popular, rather than a scholarly, study, she writes in fluid and straightforward prose. She has a good topic to write about and she tells Cleopatra's story well.


Grade: (A-)


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