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It's been a long while since France had a police procedural author who belonged in the top ranks of the genre, but Fred Vargas and her Inspector Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg are first rate. While Adamsberg joins the action rather late in this early effort, his maddeningly intuitive manner of detection blends seamlessly into the story that has come before, a fairly comic quest for a werewolf that is terrorizing the sheep farms and villagers of the French Alps.

When a mannish woman farmer, Suzanne Rosselin, is killed by what seems to have been a large wolf, her adopted African son, the aged shepherd who secretly loved her, and a female plumber/composer set off in search of the slaughterhouse employee they suspect of being a werewolf. The African, Soliman, has a penchant for reciting entire dictionary entries when a word seems apt to the situation. The shepherd, Watchee, calls back to the farm to speak to the lead sheep nightly. And, Camille, who they brought along to drive the truck they travel in, likes to read "The A to Z of Tools for Trade and Craft" for pleasure. As the wolf or wolves or werewolf claims more victims, both sheep and human, the trio realize they're in over their heads and call Paris for help from Adamsberg, who was once Camille's lover.

If it sounds like a lost Simenon, called Maigret and Abbott and Costello vs the Wolfman, that's not far wrong. Vargas, who is an archaeologist in real life, makes effective use of the fairy tale angle and of provincial superstitions to give the mystery a unique flavor. I'm hooked. I'll be reading the whole series.


Grade: (A)


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