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Joseph Epstein is pretty universally considered one of the best essayist of recent times, even by those who would not necessarily agree with his generally conservative politics. For a long time he labored in the relative obscurity of The American Scholar, but in recent years his work for Commentary and The Weekly Standard has been well publicized by bloggers and his books, collecting older essays and offering extended thought on topics like Snobbery and Envy seem to have sold well enough and received good critical reviews. I try to keep up with his prodigious output, but I confess I'd missed out on his short stories. More's the pity, because, on the evidence of this collection, he would appear to be one of our best at that form too.

There's a certain sameness to the topics here, but each story is sharply etched and enjoyable. They are populated with men seemingly not unlike Mr. Epstein himself--middle-aged or older Jews from Chicago who settled into professions or academic/writing careers while others of their acquaintance futilely pursued the dream of being great artists and intellectuals. What mostly distinguishes these characters is their happiness. or at least satisfaction, with the lives they chose, often contrasted with the unhappiness of their more pretentious peers. The stories are more gentle than savage, with the most damning indictment being that there is a class of liberal poseurs who buy tickets for every cultural exhibit and show that comes along, because they think that's how you show your appreciation for art, rather than demonstrating even minimal critical judgment and weaning out the chaff from the wheat. The Minkoff of the title story is a widower who strikes up a relationship with a wealthy widow from Los Angeles, who gives him entree to a world with which he's unfamiliar. But he's also uncomfortable:
"I have to tell you, I'm not a $680-a-dinner-guy," Minkoff told Larissa when they were back in her living room. "It's not that I can't afford a dinner like that from time to time. It's just that I feel there's something intrinsically wrong about it. People lie and cheat and even kill for money. That being so, I've always felt that the least I can do is respect it. Spending that kind of money for a meal isn't, in my opinion, respecting it."
There speaks a man who I, at least, can identify with. And when, in one story, a character ends up becoming too close to one of the homeless guys he encounters at his El stop every day, anyone who's lived and worked in Chicago will recognize the dilemma. The more familiar you are with the social, cultural and physical milieu he's describing in these stories the more you'll enjoy them, but they're definitely worthwhile even if his world is thoroughly unfamiliar.


Grade: (A)


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