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Avery Judd's First Review

Katniss Everdeen is your normal 16 year old girl living in the new North America, in a section in town called, the seam........ At first glance.

The truth is, she is illegally hunting to feed her mother and sister, Prim who is twelve and has to have her name in the reaping, in District 12. Their job is to mine coal for the Capitol. The communist government central for all 12 districts. Long ago, these districts organized a rebellion, that failed and in doing so, obliterated District 13. With highly updated technology, the Capitol can do almost anything. Four years ago, a coal mine explosion robbed Katniss' fathers life. Her best friend, Gale, who is eighteen, is also hunting for his family, every day before and after school.

But all changes on reaping day, when a name is chosen and Katniss is forced to step up and in doing so, gets caught in the swirl of the Hunger Games with Peeta, her opponent. A game designed by the Capitol to remind all Districts that if they ever try a rebellion again, they have no chance. Each District has to send two tributes, a boy and girl, into the games. Where they must fight each other to the death in order to survive. There is only one winner in the Hunger Games and no one is your friend. And Katniss the girl on fire, needs to be sharp, smart, witty, and befriend a girl named Rue. Because in the Hunger Games, anything can happen.

So welcome to the Hunger Games, my only tip to you, Stay Alive.

See also, Orrin's movie/book review.


Grade: (A+)


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