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The Line ()

In the early-1960's, Igor Stravinsky agreed to return to the USSR to perform. The excited populace queued up for over a year for the few tickets that were available. From this historical premise Ms Grushin has fashioned a devastating fictionalized portrait of a state where life is so oppressive and barren that the prospect of any kind of treat makes interminable waiting seem worthwhile.

It will be largely forgotten by now, but Ronald Reagan used to collect and retell the voluminous jokes about queueing that were a staple of Soviet era humor. I was reminded throughout of one he used to relate:
Sergei was walking home from the factory one day and saw a line outside the bakery door, so he joined it. He waited for several hours and just as he got to the door they closed it because they'd run out of loaves.
The next day he saw another line outside the butcher's, so he got on that one. Several hours later, he was sent home again, empty-handed, when they ran out of chops.

The next day he was walking home and saw a door with no one standing outside so he stopped and stood facing it. Several hours later there were hundreds of people lined up behind him, but the door still hadn't opened. Finally someone asked him what they were waiting for.

Oh, nothing, I just wanted to be first in line for once.
The characters in Ms Grushin's novel actually do care deeply about getting tickets to see the artist Selinsky, and she fleshes out their various back stories, but, as with the Gipper, it is really the fact of the scarcity and futility that people face that is the point.


Grade: (B)


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