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Douglas Wilson's 5 Cities is an idiosyncratic and somewhat necessarily episodic romp through Western history with a particular focus on the goings-on in Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London and finally New York. What ties these metropolises together in this telling is not just that they were each, at successive times, centers of the Western World but that in their roles as such they contributed to development of the idea of liberty:
Painting with a broad brush, Jerusalem represents the soul set free. Athens established the ideal of free inquiry. Rome passed on to us liberty of movement, liberty under law. London was the place where the literary imagination was set free. And New York, with its commercial success, has shown us freedom to trade, and the subsequent freedom from want.
In effect, Mr. Wilson offers a road map that ultimately arrives at the End of History, with protestantism, democracy, and capitalism.

The book is quite brief, which makes for breezy--and interesting enough--but shallow reading. If you enjoy it, we'd recommend a more substantial text from 50 years ago, Barbara Ward's Faith and Freedom: A Study of Western Society.


Grade: (C+)


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