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Omar Yussef is a Palestinian schoolteacher of advancing years and something of an amateur detective, aiding his old friend, Khamis Zeydan, a former PLO hit man turned Bethlehem chief of police. This installment in the series finds them in Nablus, for the wedding of Lieutenant Sami Jaffari, a protege of Zeydan on the National Police force.

On arriving in town, Omar and Sami go to visit the leader of the Samaritans, whose most sacred document has been stolen. While there it is discovered that his son has just been killed at one of the ancient religious group's holiest sites--the location where they believe Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac. In the course of their investigation they discover that the son was secretly homosexual, had files containing dirt on all the leading figures in the PLO and was the only one who knew where $300 million in aid money had been secreted. The suspects are, accordingly, numerous. Meanwhile, the investigation is further complicated by a war that breaks out between Hamas and the PLO, when the former use autopsy results from the files that suggest Arafat died of AIDs, and by a threat from the World Bank to cut off all further aid monies if the $300 million isn't found post haste.

Mr. Rees, formerly a reporter, uses his tale to describe what he likes about Palestine and admires about its people, but also as a platform from which to criticize the pathologies that afflict them. The book is as informative as it is entertaining.


Grade: (A-)


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Your first book, Cain’s Field: Faith, Fratricide and Fear in the Middle East (2004), examined the internal conflicts facing both Palestinians and Israelis. Why did you turn to fiction for your next book?

Fiction tells us more about reality than nonfiction ever can. Nonfiction has many structural limitations and, anyway, whenever I wrote nonfiction I always tried to make it read like dramatic fiction, so that it wouldn’t seem dry. My ambition has always been to write novels. In a sense, I was waiting for the right raw material. After ten years in Jerusalem, I have shelves of notebooks filled with stories of murder, corruption, hatred, and deceit. I decided to take some of the unconnected stories in those notebooks, to change the names, and weave them into a single mystery.

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