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Cold Blood ()

This is the second book in a series, by Ian Fleming's nephew, about half-Russian, half-Scottish naturalist Charlie Doig, set against the backdrop of the Communist takeover of Russia. This entry opens as Lenin returns to Moscow, just after Doig's archenemy Glebov has raped and murdered our hero's wife. Charlie dedicates himself to wreaking vengeance, even though Glebov is the newly-installed third in command of the Bolsheviks.

The book works as a revenge thriller, with everything thrown in from an armored train car full of gold to a dive-bombing Fokker, but even more so as a furious portrait of the horrors that the Revolution brought. And what really elevates the whole exercise the the sardonic narration of Charlie Doig, who maintains his pitch black sense of humor even as he's describing events of terrible evil. This makes him more of a Harry Palmer than a James Bond, even is Sean Connery is the one who's Scottish and has played Russians. One looks forward to the eventual film versions of this series, which evokes Sharpe, Flashman, and Richard Hannay but with a voice all the author's own.


Grade: (A-)


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