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Grade: (A+)


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George McKenna Links:

    -BOOK SITE: The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism (Yale University Press)
    -GOOGLE BOOK: Puritan Origins of American Patriotism
    The Heirs of Puritanism: That's Us! (George McKenna, HNN)
    -ESSAY: The Transmission of Hope: A portrait of a grandfather and his generation-connecting stories (George McKenna, May 2000, Atlantic)
    -DISCUSSION: Campaign 1996: The Politics of Abortion (Think Tank, 6/6/1996, PBS)
    -ESSAY: Criss-Cross: Democrats, Republicans, and Abortion (George McKenna, Summer 2006, Human Life Review)
    -ESSAY: How We Got to Where We Are: a review of Criss-Cross: Democrats, Republicans, and Abortion by George McKenna (Richard John Neuhaus, January 2007, First Things)
    -ESSAY: Lying: Occasional and Organized (George McKenna, Summer 2008, Human Life Review)
    -ESSAY: The Return of Booker T. Washington (George McKenna, Apr 2009 , First Things)
    -ESSAY: Someone's Property: a review of Frederick Douglass: Race and the Rebirth of American Liberalism by Peter C. Myers (George McKenna, AUG/SEP 2008, First Things)
    -ESSAY: Manifesting Destiny: a review of What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815–1848 by Daniel Walker Howe (George McKenna, April 2008, First Things)
    -ESSAY: A Religious People: a review of A Secular Faith: Why Christianity Favors the Separation of Church and State by Daryl Hart and Why Politics Needs Religion: The Place of Religion in the Public Square by Brendan Sweetman (George McKenna, OCT 2007, First Things)
    -ESSAY: The Blue, the Gray, and the Bible: a review of The Civil War as a Theological Crisis by Mark A. Noll and Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War by Harry S. Stout (George McKenna, AUG/SEP 2007, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of While God Is Marching On, Steven E. Woodworth (George McKenna, DEC 2001, First Things)
    -REVIEW: Statecraft and Stagecraft: a review of American Catholic: The Saints and Sinners Who Built America's Most Powerful Church. By Charles R. Morris (George McKenna, , First Things)
    -REVIEW: of The Elusive Hamilton: a review of Alexander Hamilton: American. By Richard Brookhiser (George McKenna, April 1999, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Augustine Revisited: a review of Love and Saint Augustine. By Hannah Arendt. Edited and with an Interpretive Essay by Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott and Judith Chelius Star (George McKenna, April 1997, First Things)
    -REVIEW: (George McKenna, , First Things)
    -ESSAY: The Puritan as Yankee:A Life of Horace Bushnell (George McKenna, FEB 2003, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Jonathan Edwards: A Life, George Marsden (George McKenna, October 2003, First Things)
    -ESSAY: Remnants of a Century: a review of A Thread of Years By John Lukacs (George McKenna, AUG/SEP 2008, First Things)
    -ESSAY: Why they help them lie (George McKenna, Spring 2001, Human Life Review)
    -ESSAY: Throwing Open the Windows-Again (George McKenna, Summer 2004, Human Life Review)
    -ESSAY: What Can We Reasonably Hope For?: A Millennium Symposium (George McKenna, January 2000, First Things)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: How the Evangelicals Saved America (George McKenna, Februaruy 2001, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of A New Birth of Freedom: Abraham Lincoln and the Coming of the Civil War by Harry Jaffa (George McKenna, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Transgressing the Bounds: Subversive Enterprises Among the Puritan Elite in Massachusetts, 1630-1692 by Louise Breen (George McKenna, First Things)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: The "Dualities" of Thomas Jefferson (George McKenna, June/July 2000, First Things)
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: with George McKenna (John J. Miller, National Review: Between the Covers
    -ARCHIVES: Human Life Review
    -ARCHIVES: McKenna, George (Find Articles)
    -REVIEW: of The Puritan Roots of American Puritanism by George McKenna (John Gray, Financial Times)
    -REVIEW: of Puritan Origins of American Patriotism (Michael Potemra, National Review)
    -REVIEW: of The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism (Walter Russell Mead, Foreign Affairs)
    -REVIEW: of Puritan Origins of American Patriotism (James P. Young, Perspectives on Politics)
    -REVIEW: of Putritan Origins (Helena M. Wall, New England Quarterly)
    -REVIEW: of The Drama of Democracy. By George McKenna (First Things)

Book-related and General Links:

    -REVIEW: of HEAD AND HEART : American Christianities By Garry Wills (Patrick Allitt, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of The Puritan Tradition in Revolutionary, Federalist, and Whig Political Theory: A Rhetoric of Origins. By Dean Hammer (Church History, March, 2001 by Keith J. Hardman )
    -ESSAY: We're on the brink of apocalypse! Again!: The Puritanical roots of our fatalism and anxiety over American exceptionalism. (Gregory Rodriguez, December 3, 2007, LA Times)
    -ESSAY: America's politics of religion (James Carroll, December 17, 2007, NY Times)
    -ESSAY: Christians as Patriots (Peter C. Meilaender, February 2003, First Things)