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Those of a certain age will appreciate that to call this book a sort of high end episode of The Rat Patrol is very much meant as a compliment. Indeed, that classic, though tragically short-lived series, featured at least one episode where the desert rats capture General Erwin Rommel and prey on his sense of honor to escape from behind German lines. In Mr. Pressfield's first novel of modern war, a young British officer, R. Lawrence "Chap" Chapman, joins the Long Range Desert Group and is sent on a mission to kill the General as fighting rages in North Africa.

As always, Mr. Pressfield is as much concerned with the daily grind of military life and the ethics of warfare as with the adventuresome aspects. Before getting to the desert he recounts Chap's career at Oxford--including his friendship with a charismatic budding novelist Zachary Stein and his courtship of his best friend's little sister, a romance unpopular with her family. They all end up in Africa and the story really takes off as the desert practically becomes a character in the novel, the author capturing the grueling difficulty of navigating the sands and keeping heavy machinery operating in such an environment. Besides Rommel himself, Mr. Pressfield works in other historical players, like "Paddy" Mayne, a rugged rugby player who became one of the most decorated soldiers of WII and whose exploits only seem fictional.

It all adds up to a terrific read. Besides the Rat Patrol it summons memories of everything from Lawrence of Arabia to Rogue Male to The Eagle Has Landed, but the story is very much Mr. Pressfield's own and cements his place as one of the greats of military fiction.


Grade: (A+)


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