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Grade: (A)


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Peter Lawler (2 books reviewed)
Conservative Thought
Peter Lawler Links:

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-FACULTY PAGE: Peter Augustine Lawler (Dana Professor and Chair of the Department of Government and International Studies at Berry College)
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    -ESSAY: Modern and American Dignity (Peter Augustine Lawler, PCBE)
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    -ESSAY: Why We Need a ‘Stuck with Virtue’ Science (Peter Augustine Lawler, Summer 2011, New Atlantis)
    -ESSAY: Tocqueville’s Machiavellianism (Peter Lawler, March 2015, National Review)
-ESSAY: Locke, Darwin, and America’s Future (Peter Augustine Lawler, Winter 2011, New Atlantis)
    -ESSAY: Human Dignity and Higher Education (Peter Augustine Lawler, Fall 2009, New Atlantis)
    -ESSAY: 1968: Scarcity and Decade Analysis (Peter Augustine Lawler, Fall 2008, Intercollegiate Review)
    -ESSAY: Being at Home with Our Homelessness: Why we're happier knowing our happiness is inseparable from our misery. (Peter Augustine Lawler, October 27, 2008, Culture 11)
    -EXCERPT: The American Individual Today (Peter Augustine Lawler, Iintroduction from Stuck With Virtue: The American Individual and Our Biotechnological Future)
    -ESSAY: Conservative Postmodernism, Postmodern Conservatism (Peter Augustine Lawler, Intercollegiate Review)
    -ESSAY: Francis Fukuyama as Teacher of Evil (Peter Augustine Lawler, Winter 2000, Modern Age)
    -ESSAY: The Candidate's Religion (Peter Augustine Lawler, January 2008,
    -REVIEW ESSAY: Atticus Finch's American Stoicism (Peter Augustine Lawler, 7/21/15, Law & Liberty)
    -AUDIO LECTURE: Tocqueville, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Liberty (Peter Augustine Lawler, ISI)
    -ESSAY: "Nature, Grace, and The Last Days of Disco" (Peter A. Lawler, Spring 2000, Intercollegiate Review)[PDF]
    -LECTURE: Is a Market in Kidneys a Violation of Human Rights or Human Dignity? (Peter Augustine Lawler and Sally Satel, First Principles)
    -LECTURE: The Limits of American Utopian Imagination: Reflections on David Brooks, Poet of Our Middle Class (Peter Augustine Lawler, ISI)
    -LECTURE: Tocqueville, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Liberty (Peter Augustine Lawler, ISI)
    -ESSAY: Francis Fukuyama as Teacher of Evil (Peter Augustine Lawler, Winter 2000, Modern Age)[PDF]
    -ESSAY: "Bloom on Socrates and America" (Peter Augustine Lawler, Winter 1988, Modern Age)[PDF]
    -ESSAY: Filibuster Fallacy: David Brooks distorts the debate (Peter Augustine Lawler, 5/06/05, National Review)
    -ESSAY: Orestes Brownson and the Truth About America (Peter Augustine Lawler, December 2002, First Things)
    -INTERVIEW: WHY ORESTES BROWNSON BELIEVED THE U.S. NEEDED THE CHURCH (Professor Peter Lawler on a 19th-Century Philosopher, 7 NOV. 2003, ZENIT)
    -INTERVIEW: TDR Interview: Peter Lawler: Stem Cells, Nanobots, and God (A. Brock Kraebel, November 22, 2005, Dartmouth Review)
    -INTERVIEW: Peter Augustine Lawler on the Declaration of Independence, The Last Days of Disco, 'Big Country People,' and manliness (Liturgical Credo, June/July 2007)
    -ESSAY: "Under God" and Meaning It: The Supreme Court should fix past precedent. (Peter Augustine Lawler, 6/21/04, National Review)
    -ESSAY: The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology (Peter Augustine Lawler, Spring 2003, New Atlantis)
    -ESSAY: Restless Souls (Peter Augustine Lawler, Winter 2004, New Atlantis)
    -ESSAY: Homeless on "Paradise Drive" (Peter Augustine Lawler, Intercollegiate Review)[PDF]
    -ESSAY: The Libertarian Threat to Human Liberty (Peter Augustine Lawler, May 2002, Ashbrook Center)
    -ESSAY: Supreme Mocking: Scalia on the Court (Peter Augustine Lawler, 10/27/03, National Review)
    -ESSAY: Pursuing Happiness: An age-old question, updated (Peter Augustine Lawler, 12/22/03, National Review)
    -ESSAY: Back to Nature: We shouldn't forget about the natural basis of national security (Peter Augustine Lawler, 10/13/04, National Review)
    -ESSAY: Our Proud Human Future (Peter Augustine Lawler, Fall 2007, New Atlantis)
    -LECTURE: The Problem of Technology (Peter Augustine Lawler, 8/6/2004, ISI Honors Program, Oxford, England)
    -LECTURE: Does Human Nature Have a Future? (Peter Augustine Lawler, 10/26/2001, Fordham University)
    -LECTURE: Putting Locke Back in the Locke Box: Nisbet and the Emerging Communitarian Coalition in America (Peter Augustine Lawler, 4/16/2005, ISI Spring Leadership Conference)
    -REVIEW: Saving Liberalism from Itself: A review of Natural Law Liberalism, by Christopher Wolfe (Peter Augustine Lawler, October 1, 2007, Claremont Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: Where's the Love?: A review of American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville, by Bernard-Henri Lévy (Peter Augustine Lawler, July 13, 2006, Claremont Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: Last Man Standing: A review of Richard Rorty, by Alan Malachowski (Peter Augustine Lawler, October 8, 2004, Claremont Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: Bobo Virtue and the Future of Human Liberty: A review of Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There by David Brooks and The Virtue of Prosperity: Finding Values in an Age of Techno-Affluence by Dinesh D'Souza (Peter Augustine Lawler, May 24, 2001, Claremont Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: of Embryo: A Defense of Human Life, by Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefsen (Peter Augustine Lawler, City Journal)
    -ARCHIVES: Peter Augustine Lawler (Mars Hill Audio)
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    -ARCHIVES: "Peter augustine lawler" (Find Articles)
    -TRIBUTE: Wondering and Wandering: Peter Augustine Lawler’s Higher Ed Heresies (James Patterson, May. 17th, 2022, Public Discourse)
    -TRIBUTE: Neither a Flatterer nor a Lockean Be: Peter Augustine Lawler as a Catholic Political Philosopher (Daniel J. Mahoney, May. 16th, 2022, Public Discourse)
    -TRIBUTE: Reflections on Natural Law, History, and the Enduring Legacy of Peter Augustine Lawler (Grant Havers, 5/22/22, University Bookman)
    -TRIBUTE: Recovering the American Proposition with Peter Augustine Lawler (Richard Reinsch|May. 18th, 2022, Public Discourse)
    -ESSAY: The Top Five Lawler Books And the Origins of the Postmodern Conservative Tag (Carl Eric Scott, PoMoCon)
    -TRIBUTE: Peter Lawler’s Tocquevillian Adventure through Pop Culture (TITUS TECHERA, 6/13/22, Public Discourse)
-REVIEW: of Modern and American Dignity by Peter Augustine Lawler (RICHARD M. REINSCH II, University Bookman)
    -ESSAY: A House Divided: Peter Lawler's America, Rightly Understood (Patrick J. Deneen)
    -REVIEW: of Postmodernism Rightly Understood, by Peter Augustine Lawler (Robert P. Kraynak, Modern Age)
    -REVIEW: of Aliens in America: The Strange Truth about Our Souls (Damon Linker, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Aliens in America: The Strange Truth About Our Souls by Peter Augustine Lawler. and Stuck With Virtue: The American Individual and Our Biotechnological Future by Peter Augustine Lawler. (Christopher Beiting, New Oxford Review)
    -REVIEW: of Aliens in America (Peter-Christian Aigner, Townhall)
    -REVIEW: of Aliens in America (W.J. Rayment, Conservative Monitor)
    Toward a Conservative Postmodernism: a review of Postmodernism Rightly Understood: The Return to Realism in American Thought, by Peter Augustine Lawler (ROBERT P. KRAYNAK, Modern Age)
    -REVIEW: of A Constitution in Full: Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty by Peter Augustine Lawler and Richard M. Reinsch II (Reviewed by Luke C. Sheahan, University Bookman)
    -REVIEW: Of The Restless Mind: Alexis de Tocqueville on the Origin and Perpetuation of Human Liberty by Peter Augustine Lawler (Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative)
    -ESSAY: Indignity and Bioethics : Steven Pinker discovers the human-dignity cabal. (Yuval Levin, 5/14/08, National Review)

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