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Invoking the spirit, themes, or actual plots and characters of seemingly every author in the English Language--but most obviously the writing style of Douglas Adams and Woody Allen's idea of being able to inhabit the great books--Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series can't help but feel familiar, and at times derivative. There's so much going on in this book--populated by everyone from aliens to Neanderthals to a giant evil corporation to various fictional icons--that I'm still not sure whether I was too lost to miss the plot or there just wasn't one. The strength of the book is ultimately its weakness: Mr. Fforde has himself quite a bit of fun critiquing literature from within and without its actual pages, but the in-jokes, puns, jibes, and japes just get to be too much. While we start out laughing the reader can't help but eventually feeling like he's being pummeled. This is the fifth in the series and they're selling so well it may be that no one edits him anymore. I'd not be surprised if the first, The Eyre Affair, is considerably tighter and more enjoyable. But, personally, I'm too exhausted to find out.


Grade: (C)


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