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Given that we've been inundated with tales of woe from Hurricane Katrina and that you can count the good books that have been written about football on Mordecai Brown's right hand, it's hard to hold out much hope for this one. The peculiar genius of the story here though is that it doesn't really have much to do with the storm or the sport. Rather, they are the backdrops against which Mr. Thompson sets the moving tale of John T. Curtis Sr., who founded an integrated high school--John Curtis Christian--outside New Orleans in the early 1960s and turned it into a football powerhouse, and of his son, John Jr. (J. T.), who continues the social, scholastic, and sports missions.

While it's easy to be cynical about the corruption and corner-trimming that surrounds big-time high school football and the Curtises are just as obsessive as we'd expect head coaches to be--the younger continuing a practice even as the Hurricane descends--it is the way they diverge from the norm that makes them fascinating. Indeed, the best scenes in the book come when J.T.'s two best players--Jonathan English and Joe McKnight--end up living at his house, chafing under the discipline he imposes at the same time that they're grateful for a home and a coach who genuinely cares about them.

My one complaint about the book is that the first person narration is somewhat misleading, since Mr. Thompson became interested in the team only after reading about their season in ESPN, in a great essay by Wright Thompson. If we can understand why an author might think this would give his story immediacy, we can also wish an editor had told him it borders on dishonesty. And it is unfortunate that this objection niggles at the reader even as the story Mr. Thompson has to tell compels.


Grade: (A)


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