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It should be taken as no sleight if we refer to this book as perfect bathroom reading. Though the title suggests that it is a look at trends, forces, and potential big changes, it is really a series of 75 short essays on discrete subgroups within the American population. The authors define a "microtrend" as an interest or behavior shared by as few as three million people, or 1% of the population. And there are certainly a few groups who do represent a growing trend that may shape the future--"Moderate Muslims," for instance, or "Protestant Latinos." But does anyone really think that the knitting cohort or the non-Jews who join Jewish dating services in search of a Chosen mate are likely to add much to their numbers? Or that advertisers, politicians, etc. need to pay them much attention?

Likewise, because the book lacks an overarching theme each essay can pretty much be read in isolation (figuratively, not just literally.) You can put it down and pick it up and skip the topics that you don't find interesting. There's always another one coming up that is amusing and/or interesting. In sum, an ideal bedside or commode-side text.


Grade: (B)


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