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Falling Angel ()

Harry Angel, a 1950s New York City gumshoe, is hired by a mysterious wealthy client, Louis Cyphre, to track down a lost singer, Johnny Favorite. The crooner had reportedly lost his memory during battle in WWII and been committed to a hospital upstate, but Angel's investigation quickly leads him into black magic backways and voodoo cults. Bodies start dropping left and right with clues pointing straight at Angel and he finds himself trapped between the police and Satanists as the case leads him deep into his own heart of darkness.

William Hjortsberg displays an expert hand with the private eye genre but then blends in elements of horror to create a truly original mystery novel. It was later turned into a film, Angel Heart, which was most notable for scenes with young Cosby star, Lisa Bonet, in the altogether, "earning" the movie an initial X rating, and the great Robert DiNiro portraying Cyphre. But the book is infinitely better and well worth your time and effort to track down.


Grade: (A)


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