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This spectacular debut novel combines elements of fantasy and Patrick O'Brian as a British naval officer becomes an unwilling member of the Aerial Corps during the Napoleonic Wars. Will Laurence is the earnest captain of H.M.S. Reliant who is essentially chosen by a newborn dragon to be its master after its egg is found in the hold of a French ship. The dragon, Temeraire, is kind and inquisitive and altogether one of the most lovable fiction characters of recent years. His relationship with Laurence is as much a key to the book's appeal as that of Maturin and Aubrey in the O'Brian books. Ms Novik renders their training and the details of life in the Corps with great attention to detail and makes it all seem almost plausible if you just accept the dragon conceit.

The publisher, Del Rey, has done something unusual, but welcome, releasing all three books in the trilogy at once, so readers aren't left waiting for years, as fans of Robert Jordan and others have been. And Peter Jackson has already optioned the books, raising the hope that we'll get to see Temeraire films that match, or approach, his work on the Lord of the Rings. Of course, the other logical choice to direct would be Peter Weir, who could give ith the Master and Commander treatment...


Grade: (A+)


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