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While one can hardly welcome the possibility that we'll one day have a book length treatment of every hit song--see also Ashley Kahn's A Love Supreme--given that Greil Marcus is the author of one of the best books ever written about popular song (*), Mystery Train, he's earned our indulgence when he chooses to write at length about his own favorite tune. Here again he manages to strike just the right balance between taking rock music seriously enough to make it worth writing and reading about without trying to give it a broader significance that it won't bear. And, of course, his breadth of knowledge about popular culture in general and the music world in particular allows him to draw parallels and reveal details that hold your attention for most of the close to 300 pages on Bob Dylan's seminal "Like a Rolling Stone." If nothing else, he convinces that Mr. Dylan's fellow musicians consider that song to have marked a turning point in the history of rock-n-roll and marshals every argument he can to support the contention in his singularly entertaining and informative style.

(*) Along with Robert Palmer's Deep Blues and Peter Guralnick's Sweet Soul Music.


Grade: (B+)


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